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Good times

2011-07-07 21:39:08 by Sonian

Sup people. I am tired as shit and am going to sleep after some cereal.


2009-11-04 19:46:30 by Sonian

To all who wish to harm me, who wish me bad luck in life, who blame me for their shit lives... I'LL FUCKING BREAK YOU IN HALF. YOU'RE THE FUCKING SCUM OF THE EARTH. GET A FUCKING LIFE. Good day.


2009-06-22 23:44:01 by Sonian

Man, life is a bore, and I am disappointed. Maybe I will get back in to animation. I am sure by now I could make less shitty flash movies.

I just reached level 14 on here, hehe. I have been vising this site over the years, always checking out the new artists.